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Who On Earth Runs 20 Marathons & GAINS Weight?? (Me, And Here’s What I Did To Fix It)..!
... Pay Close Attention to this message if there is even a CHANCE that you or someone you know is struggling with keeping excess pounds off. You will be VERY happy you did......
** Results May Vary from Person to Person
If you think you’re about to experience one of those cheesy messages about some “secret miracle” for being healthy, and losing weight, I have some bad news for you…


Sure, weight was lost, and LOTS of it.


Who On Earth Would EVER Say No To That??
But calling it a “secret miracle” just wouldn't be accurate, or honest....


Truth Is, It HAS been miraculous in my life and the lives of MANY of the women I work with, but the secret part, not so much. Humans have been eating the way I am going to show you for a VERY long time...


Before I go too much further though, I’m Patty, a 49-year-old woman who you may not consider a “typical case” when it comes to struggling with her weight...


I’ve always stuck to the “Standard American Diet” was never much of a “cheater” when it came to sweets, and get this...


Ran A LOT Of Marathons.


So imagine my surprise when, after running 20 marathons between Oct 2009 through December 2016, I STILL gained a whopping 45 pounds! 


Ok, Let Me Say That Again: I Ran TWENTY Marathons, And GAINED Forty-Five Pounds!


I called my friend Julie and shared the news…


“I just don’t know what to do, I’m following my diet, exercising, doing everything I should, and the pounds just keep on coming,'' 
I told her.


Being the good friend that Julie is, she did her “friendly duty” and helped console me through my frustration, but it became apparent fast that she was contending with some strong emotions of her own...


Finally, I had to ask:


“Julie, You Sound Like You’re Not All That Happy, What's Going On My Friend?”
It was then that her real feelings came out…


She shared the smorgasbord of emotions that she had been going through all these years, and the ups and downs she had been facing.


I had always known Julie as a really happy woman. Active sure, but not a hardcore runner. A good looking lady, even if she had a few extra pounds to deal with.


In a nutshell, I just looked at her as my friend and didn’t think too much about her weight.


Oh but she did...


She had tried...and failed at DOZENS of diet and exercise plans over the years, One promise of “overnight success” after another, each one assuring fast results with little in the way of effort or change...


And each time, she would quietly take on that failure, eventually coming to the thought that getting heavier, slower, and less active as we age is just “part of the process”...


So, there we were, 2 ladies wondering what the heck to do…


Looking back at that day now, it’s hard to even imagine just how close we were to discovering the solution we’re here to share with you today, it was so close it could have slapped us both in the face...


But that's the thing about life-changing things, isn't it? They appear in an instant, and afterward, they seem like the most natural thing in the world.


Well, stay tuned my friend, because THAT moment is right around the corner for YOU as well...


Because even though results May Vary from Person to Person...


This COULD work for you ... IF Some Minor Changes Are Made!


Losing Weight, Feeling Great, and Looking RIDICULOUSLY Good Are ON The Menu For You Once You make Just A Few Small Adjustments!


OK, Listen Up, Because this is SUPER important:
I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the Numbers Do Not Lie.
  • The average individual tries 7 diets per year without succeeding... 
  • 50% of the US Population is obese or overweight, despite TRYING to be healthy…
  • ​​Both the Food Industry and Fitness Industry actively profit when they PREVENT you from losing weight (More on that in a bit) 
Those numbers are scary, but sobering


So What is this thing, and How Does it Work??


First, You Need to RUN From These 
3 Common Lies And Myths


There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals once and for all and smashing your limiting beliefs that got you there in the first place. 


Myth #1: Cut Calories


It's a myth called caloric restriction, and Julie & I used to buy into that lie ourselves..
However, the truth is counting calories has NOTHING to do with losing weight. Study after study shows this, and you can take that to the bank!


Myth #2: Working Out is the “end all, be all” to Losing Weight


While exercise IS key to your overall health is has virtually NOTHING to do with losing weight. (Hard to believe I know, but 100% true)
In fact, as I learned when you work out a lot you start to 'think' you can eat whatever you want.  
That Mindset will Definitely Get you in trouble as it did me!


Myth #3:  You Have to “Carb Load” To Workout / Run And Yet You Have To Do These Things To Lose Weight


While many 'experts' will continue to follow this protocol, this 'mainstream process' made me gain 45 lbs! 


In the previous 20 Marathons and 8 Triathlons I had completed, there was one thing in common...


  • I was especially discouraged because I had followed What ALL the Guru's Told Me I MUST Do...
  • Endlessly Read Various Books On 'What to Do'...
  • Mimicked What Elite Athletes Do...
  • ​​Followed My Diets & Exercise Programs with Strict Discipline...... 
Yet nothing worked, and I didn’t know why. 


Then I discovered something that rocked BOTH our worlds... 


Did Know You Can Actually GAIN Weight by Running or Working Out All the Time? (And we're not talking just muscle either, plain old fat as well)..?


It couldn’t be true - could it?


Yet my results proved it as I tried diet program after diet program, with little to no results.


I was getting more and more...
  • Frustrated...
  • Discouraged...
  • Depressed...
  • ​Tired All the Time...
  • ​Foggy-Minded...
  • ​Angry...
In a Moment of Desperation, I Hired an Expensive Nutritionist Who Gave Me a Step-by-Step Plan 


That's not the best way to say it...
We Were SURE This Woman Would Straight Up Change My And Julie’s Life!
No more crying over another gained a pound or two.
No more holding on to “fat clothes”.
It was time for Julie and I to hire ourselves a WORLD CLASS expert, and get this life of ours on track!
We thought we would FINALLY found the missing piece of the puzzle!
She seemed like the Answer to our Problems.
We hoped...
 She gave us an exact plan that we followed to the letter.
We were bound and determined to make this work.
But after 31 days of wrenching workouts and soul-depriving dieting...
We had lost a grand total of 4 lbs... And Julie was right there with me at 5 lbs!
Then our “miracle worker” nutritionist decided to give up on us!
This Nutritionist 'Expert' said that because we were almost 50 that there was probably not much we could do, because of 'Hormonal Changes'.
She just shrugged and suggested that we might "accept" our situation.
I didn't even have the courage to ask her if she said this to all her 49-year-old clients... or if she just thought Julie and I were personally just hopeless cases..
This got both of us spiraling down into a depression that began affecting my relationships in a fairly bad way….
Julie though...Now that was a whole different story... 
She was something VERY close to irreconcilable. I won't spell it out here in all the grizzly detail, but suffice to say...
It SURE wasn't pretty…
I knew exactly how she felt too...
I hated the way I looked in the mirror and I could not fit into my favorite clothes.
I was desperate to find something because I knew I could not continue to live this way.
I refused to accept that I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life.
More importantly, I was starting to lose my love of running, and this was heartbreaking for me.
At this point, due to weight gain and inflammation, I was having trouble even running a 10K let alone a full Marathon.
The thought of ever doing one again was starting to seem impossible... 
I desperately wanted to not just lose the weight, but KEEP it off.
I didn't want to be one of “those people” that bounces up and down with diets like a damn yoyo.
And if I DID continue to run, I wanted to do it faster, longer, and with better finish times than I had before.
But the more I ran, the more I dieted, and the more I tried to lose weight...
The more I failed... and started feeling like a loser in general.
And this got worse and worse as I got older, and started to notice my joints begin to ache when I ran.
I was so close to just quitting and giving up hope.


Finally, I Had Reached My Breaking Point and Realized I Needed To Take Things Into My Own Hands...


And when I did, what I learned was shocking!


The Days Upon Days Of Web Searching, Phone Calls, Book Reading, And Generally Not Thinking About ANYTHING Else...


And for someone searching for a Proven, Effective, Simple, and (Above All) 
scientifically documented diet & fitness plan…


Everything kept leading back to ONE place...


A Non-Mainstream (And Wildly Misunderstood) Phenomenon Called Ketosis...


And It’s Un-Stoppable Fat-Burning Process!


This is according to HUNDREDS of double-blind scientific studies


OK, Stop!


Seriously, Halt, Cease, Stop Reading.


Before we go even an inch further, I want to get this out of the way.


There are a LOT of “Snake Oil Salesmen” In the diet industry, and Keto is NO exception.


If you leave this page now and start buying "Keto foods" and following random "Keto Diets"... My message to you so far, will almost certainly do you more harm than good!


And that is the LAST thing I want for you


See, it seems like everyone out there wants to “add their twist” and alter things ever so slightly so they can sell another case of “Keto Bars”, or whatever else they can get their hands on.


Now, whether these products are truly Keto, or even actually low carb is almost irrelevant to many of these people. (Trust me, I kissed a LOT of frogs when it comes to Keto so you won’t have to)


Truth is, it’s so simple in reality, it isn’t even funny.


Fat, and some protein = Good
Carbs = Bad


I mean, I COULD put on a shiny outfit and do a nice little dog & pony show for you, but when you think about it…


Does the world really NEED another dose of hyped up BS??


Seriously, It kept the cavemen living and evolving for all this time from the plains of Africa, and it HAS kept us (for better or worse) at the top of the food chain.


So there’s that..


Long story short, It worked then, It works now, and it WILL work for you.
You know who it DOESN'T work for?


All the companies with sugar, and corn sweetener, and pre-packaged products of every description who want (Very Much) to sell you their stuff.


Oh, yeah, and don’t even get me started about all the money these folks spend, as well as their pals in the diabetic pharmaceutical industry just to keep you “Hooked”.


The GOOD News?


I WAS able to sort through all the noise and craft a sensible approach that Works.


Okay, I gotta say this…


It’s True, I just had to do a little “happy dance” as I sit here writing this, all at the emotion, joy, and outright power of just one of the words right there in the sentence above…




It’s not crazy


It’s not risky


But it Sure is EASY!


It was like I had flipped the switch on my metabolism and it had moved up into high gear for the first time in my life.


That’s when things REALLY started to change.


Those 45lb’s I told you about…
Started melting DAYS.
I kept expecting each of my “weigh-ins” to reveal that the whole thing had been some twisted (but good) dream, but the GREAT results just kept on coming for both of us!


The baggy, unflattering outfits I’d been forced to wear, were now getting banished to the bottom drawers of my dresser, while my favorite outfits when coming out of retirement.


My searing joint pain just plain disappeared which meant running past the 10k barrier that had held me hostage for months was no longer a problem.


My energy levels were through the roof and I felt like I was in my 20’s again and could take on any challenge thrown my way.


Random Note: My husband Steve was a BIG fan of all this new energy, confidence, and sexiness.


And then there’s Julie...


She had admittedly been a “cuddly girl” for as long as we both could remember, but these last few years...




Not nice to either of us, let’s just leave it at that…


… And since following the new plan I put together...get this...


She had now dropped to the same size that she was in HIGH SCHOOL!


Now, I don’t care if you're a woman OR a man...That kinda thing feels GOOD.


Oh hold on, that reminds me..


Just take a look at this pic, That's her hubby Doug (Who followed along with Julie on this Diet journey)


His nickname now?


Say Hello To HOT Doug!


You know what feels even better… 


When other people around you start to see the difference!


Week after week, the compliments started to come in hard and fast, from friends and work colleagues alike.


Then, of course, the questions came…


“How the hell did you lose so much weight since I last saw you? And on top of that, you just look GREAT”


“What classes are you taking and where can I sign up?


Forgive Me, But This Going To Sound VERY Ungrateful…


At first, all the attention was great...


I was more than happy to tell ANYONE who wanted to know the “secret” of my new figure


But when ANYONE turned into EVERYONE, I started to feel like I a broken record every time I stepped out the door.


Truth is...I felt a little selfish because even though I was loving the results was getting, it was all people wanted to talk about!
  • ​...How Do I Do This?
  • ...What Are The Steps?
  • ...What Are The Secrets? 
  • ​...What Do I Do Next?
And on and on And on…


The chorus kept getting louder, and more and more often...
** Results May Vary From Person to Person


(I can hear you all the way from here…”Oh Poor, Poor Patty”)...


Seriously though, It was getting a bit out of hand.


I had to share all this with someone, so naturally, 
I confided in Julie over the phone one night.


To my surprise, she 100% Agreed!


(Which was a massive relief as I thought I sounded like a straight-up bitch!)
That was the call that changed everything.


She told me I HAD to develop a course so I could help women across the world to help them get the DYNAMITE results we had gotten!


In a nutshell, I decided “Challenge Accepted”, and decided to write it ALL down and make it into a REAL product.


Looking back on it now, It was the ONLY thing to do after the...
(And I really don't have any other way to say this)..




(And I really don't have any other way to say this)..


That I had experienced.


Yeah, I know, I know...The word “miracle” is a strong claim, and I actually promised you a “No Miracle Zone” with this message. But for me, that's exactly how I feel.


I was sure it would for the thousands of others who had just “given up” they would feel the same way too.


Welcome To Health Passport Lifestyle!
Imagine a program so “paint by numbers simple” that the weight comes off almost automatically? 


You’ll be able to effortlessly lose weight without exercising and without eating just rabbit food for the rest of your life


The only Barrier standing between you, and the life you truly deserve, is about to be lifted!


Take A Look For Yourself At All You’re About To Get:
  • Health Passport Lifestyle ($98 Value)
  • ​You’ll Get A Detailed Meal Plan With Mouth-Watering Recipes You’ll LOVE! AND A Desert Guide: ($28 Value)
  • ​​​​You’ll Get A Complete Food List Overflowing With Yours And Your Family Favorites: ($28 Value)
  • ​You’ll Get A POWERFUL Facebook Accountability Group To Help Keep You On Track: ($128 Value)
  • You’ll Get Our HIGHLY Effective Guide To PAINLESSLY Win At Intermittent Fasting: ($Value $18)
  • You’ll Get Our Easy To Understand, And Plainly Laid Out Guide to Supplements: ($18 Value)
  • ​You’ll Get As A Bonus, The 100 Year Old (Yet Timeless) Health Bible: The Science of Being Well: ($18 Value)
Even Better, This Great Content And Tools That You Can Access For Anywhere On Any Device!


Total Value: $336


But today, you're getting all of this... For Only $17!


This is a Limited Time Offer


Accessible from Mobile Devices


If you're out and about and want to check on something you recall from the course, No Problem!  You can pull it up on your Mobile Device at any time!
Great Content That You Can Accessible Anywhere


An Real World Value of $336... 
But today, you're getting all of this... For Only Only $17!




It’s simple.


This product could certainly sell for the price of $336, and undoubtedly even more. And the people out there with that kind of money to spend would LOVE the power it would bring to their lives...


But those people aren't just the ones I want to help with this.


I want the circle of successful participants to be a LOT bigger than that!


I built this course and ALL it’s extras, bonuses, videos, The whole shebang with ONE goal in mind…


To Help As Many Women (And Men) As Humanly Possible To NEVER have To Go Through The Pain Julie & I Did!


On top of all that, everything You’re About To Get, I also made this program FLEXIBLE.


Here’s what I mean…


 One Time Charge of $17 - Lifetime Access! No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
No Thanks


Unlike the super strict programs you may be used to, Health Passport Lifestyle works just fine, even if you happen to “stray” once in a while.


So What Is It?


A “Cheat Desert”


An Extra Glass Of Chardonnay


An Unavoidable Trip To The Bakery...


(Now, before you cheer too loudly, Remember, It WILL work, but let's be real here, it may not be as blazing fast)...


Just Sayin...


So, I’ll just come out and say it. I’m DAMN proud of the value I’ve put together when it comes to Health Passport Lifestyle


And the price?


Total Value: $336


But today, you're getting all of this... For Only $17!


This is a Limited Time Offer


It’s enough to cover costs (mostly) and not a whole lot more, This, and all the work that went into the course materials themselves allow me to sleep just fine at night!


I’m guessing you might have a nagging question in the back of your mind right about now.


“What if it doesn't work for me…?”


Let’s take care of that right now...


(And feel 100% GREAT about doing it)


You have a full 60 days to let me know, so I can take care of it for you.


Hey, You can and SHOULD get every penny of your money back without question.


And when I say ANY reason...I mean any...


Even if you don't like the covers of any of the ebooks, or the font, or anything else..


You get the idea...


All you have to do is send me an email, or (even better) CALL ME on my cell on (855) 773-1708 and tell me and I’ll get it done for you even faster.


No Questions, No Hassle and Definitely NO Drama.
Am I worried I’ll be getting a ton of calls when I put my number right here on this page?..
Truthfully, Not in the slightest. Yeah, I am THAT confident in this product, and it’s the ability to help you to Get To Where You Want To Be.
(Besides, I know this whole guarantee section will be a distant memory as soon as you see the results from Health Passport Lifestyle)
It Really All Comes Down To This:
We Are All VERY Different
And with our personal dreams and aspirations with weight loss, it’s a similar story.
But whichever goals you want to achieve, once you do…
The feeling of accomplishment and pride just can’t be topped.
And when you do the smart thing and join Health Passport Lifestyle you’ll get to see exactly what I mean for yourself...
  • Actually FEELING like you want to step outside your door, and not hide yourself away for the fear of being judged.
  • Having the confidence to walk into ANY room with your head held high, knowing without a doubt in your mind you’re YOUR best self 
  • Getting The sense you MATTER again in society as people no longer assume that just because you’re overweight it means you’re lazy.
  • ​Taking back CONTROL of your life when it comes to food which, when mastered, finds its way into every other part of your life.
  • ​Wearing your favorite clothes, The ones you assumed (wrongly) would NEVER see the light of day again. For me, it was a snazzy (but plain) little black dress!
  • ​Adding years to your life and with it, shutting down the ALL To REAL possibility that you’ll be heading for an early grave well before your time.
  • ​Experiencing the joy of being able to KEEP UP with the children without having to make the same tired old excuses again and again.
  • ​Easing the pressure on your previously overloaded joints and having the HELLACIOUS aches and pain slowly disappear one by one.
  • ​NEVER AGAIN feel like you’re missing out on life or have to deal with that guilt hovering above your head every time you go out for a meal or drink.


Don’t Just Take It From me Though, Here Are Just A Few Of Our HUNDREDS Of Happy Customers!


Julie from Longmont, CO: “I hit my weight loss goal after I started the program. I then went on vacation with my husband and so I thought I would ‘reward’ myself a little...  Needless to say I learned my lesson. Can’t recommend enough as I am 100% committed to this new lifestyle.


Jean M from Seattle, WA: “I had a wake up call at my check up and found out I was pre-diabetic...  Luckily a friend told me about this program so I tried it and in 10 weeks my doctor informed me my numbers where now good! 


Hillary C, Nashville TN:  I have NEVER Ran any race in my entire life and have NO DESIRE TO RUN any race. That being said until I found this program, I felt lost. I lost the weight I wanted and while eating awesome food! I have more energy to play with my grand-kids who are all under the age of 8. This is a life saver!”


So It’s “That Time”. And We Are At “That Spot” In The Message...


You’ve heard our story and the results we have been blessed to enjoy in our lives, that before, I genuinely I didn't believe was possible until I had achieved them myself..


Which leads us to a sort of crossroads with only 2 directions, and only one path forward...


You COULD turn left.


Do absolutely nothing just now, and forget that you even came across Me today. 
  • Click off this page, go back to Google, and waste even more time than you have already looking for fad diets that only seem to work on the celebrities who were paid to endorse them...
  • Give up completely, blame your fuller figure on the passing years, and accept the fact you're going to be miserable every time you look in the mirror...


And in a week, a month or even a year you’ll have this thought pop into your head when you’re still in the same place that...


“Why didn't I just listen to Patty.”


Awful, right.


It doesn't have to be though.


You CAN do something about it.


Because your other option is to Turn RIGHT and Grab  For Yourself Right Now.
  • You’ll Feel GOOD about your figure again and dare I say, SEXIER than you have in Years!
  • ​You’ll Drop dress sizes that only a few weeks ago you believed would be completely Impossible
  • You’ll Prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can, and WILL lose weight for GOOD!
This may sound oversimplified. Like it's black and white


Well, That's because it is.


I can't stress this enough. I’m 100% sure this isn't the first diet you've ever tried.


I know this because this wasn't the first one I tried either.


But I can say this for sure...


YES! I'm Ready To Finally Make a Change!Click Here To Be Charged One Time Fee of $17 - No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

One Time Charge of $17- No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Backed By An Industry-Leading
"Results-Or-Else" 60-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee


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